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For every company the output targets are high, everything is expected to be completed rapidly along with uniformity with every product that is produced.  To ensure speed and precision in the machinery, Unimotor hd geared servo motors can be relied upon to achieve these goals.  

An effective packaging machine needs to be able to move at a consistent rate with precise positioning, a geared motor from CTD runs at steadier speeds without significantly increasing the motor size and weight, therefore allowing our solutions to easily integrate into any machine.

To ensure optimum performance we have perfectly matched our motors and gear units together.  With the compact planetary design of the gearbox this produces a higher power density to increase stability and efficiency.  We supply our motors and gearboxes already mated together to ensure they are already setup therefore reducing the time manufacturers need for fitting the geared servomotor into its location.

Bag Placer

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manual bagging.png

Manual Bagging

geared  (1).png

For bagging machines that handle powdered substances e.g. flour, we can offer ATEX protection on our motors.

“ATEX” is an abbreviation for the ATEX Directive and is short for “Atmospheres Explosibles”.  It is a set of EU regulations 
that are designed to ensure the safety of products being used in explosive environments.  Explosive atmospheres are work areas that contain flammable gases, mists or vapours or by combustible dusts.   All it needs is a source of ignition to cause an explosion.

Our motors comply to zones 2, 22 and 3 as per chart right.

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142 Frame Atex

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