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      July 2019


This month we have received 2 new machines for the factory, both designed to continue the expansion and
growth of CTD by reducing production times and waste, whilst increasing safety.

Wrap/Hold Machine

This new machine situated in the packing area of the factory, is designed to wrap and hold the motors onto a dedicated box
insert, to be transferred into the carton for despatch.
This will reduce the packing time and the non-recyclable items used when packing our motors.

wrap/hold machine arriving
wrap/hold machine installation
wqrap/hold machine installed and working
insert machine arrives
insert machine unwrapped
insert machine installed

Rotor Insertion Machine

The new rotor insertion machine has
been developed by our Engineering team
and a local manufacturing company.

This will be able to handle all frame
sizes from 067 - 142. It has a pickto-light system with built in on-screen instructions, and with a higher amount of safety it will ensure our motors are built to the highest standards.

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