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  October 2019


To ensure the future of CTD we are constantly looking to develop new products. With these designs we can target new customers and markets and continue to grow the company, which ultimately will benefit all of us.

Below are a few of the new products in development within CTD

40mm and 60mm frame motors. (HD Lite)

These unique motors have been highly optimized for use in
Traditional and Collaborative Robotic Arms, Automated Guided
Vehicles (AGV’s), Multi-Axis, Machinery and Conveyor Belts.
The 60mm frame motor has been designed to work with a built
in drive on the rear of the motor.

This integrated solution means the customers do not need to
purchase separate components to drive the motor, cutting down
time, space and cost.

40 hand.png
060 (7).png
encoder ctd.jpg

CTD Encoder

Using automotive technology we have developed our own encoder to be fitted onto our motors.  Currently the encoders we purchase make up a large % of the cost of building the motor, with our own technology this is reduced.  This all means we can reduce the cost of the motors without losing any profit and therefore gain more customers.

To find out more information on these products please contact us via


This month we have decided to highlight some of our longest serving members of staff. 
We are fortunate at CTD to have many long service employees, as you can see by the list (right).  The long service is recognised at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year intervals.

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