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Mar 2019


I am pleased to tell you that we had a very successful visit from Okazaki-san and Sambe-san

this month.  The feedback that we received was very positive and they acknowledged all the

hard work that has gone into the last year by all members off staff.

They recognised that we have a strong leadership team and how we are aggressively targeting

the market to increase order volume and delivery on our strategy for growth.  They were very 

impressed with the success and progress on the high speed motor and are eagerly waiting for

us to develop it further and bring a high speed motor to the market, as a new product.


They also acknowledged our strength as a team stating that R&D + Engineering + Manufacturing + together as a business unit is really powerful.  They recognised our need to expand both our technology and our site to enable us to increase in volume and offered their support going forward.

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome to this visit.  I would like

to thank everyone for their efforts in the run up to the visit in all the

preparations and to present the site in its best condition.


We can look forward to a great future for CTD.

Suji Jayasoma ( Vice President - Servo )
Sambe-San Visit


CTD HR supported and attended a very successful Engineering Apprenticeship Careers

Fair at Basingstoke College of Technology on 11th March where there was a lot of

interest in CTD and what we do.

We will be supporting Andover College’s Careers Fair on the 27th March and

Wellington Academy Years 10/11 Preparing for work – Mock Interview day.

We will be attending more Fairs throughout the year.

Careers Fair Banner


Nidec KDS (Kinetic DeSheng) is a key partner to us for the growth and success of CTD, as over the last 2 years we have been creating/developing a dedicated production line situated in their building in China, to manufacture our range of Unimotor hd motors.


Within the last year we have made 3 visits to the building in China to give training to the production staff and assist with machine implementation and build tests.


With the new production line in place, it will enable us to reach a more global audience without having to increase costs and ensure a positive future for both of us.


To date KDS have produced over 300 motors and continually place orders for more components.

KDS Production Line 1
KDS Production Line 2
KDS Production Line 3
KDS Production Line 4
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